About us

"Window decor" - that is complete service set of windows and interior decoration with textile products. We advice on interior design issues. We make models and sew the curtains, roman blinds, austrian curtains, screens, bedspreads, pillows, chair covers, tablecloths. We can also offer various types of roller blinds for your windows. We implement a variety of solutions combining roller blinds with curtains.


If you do not live in Lithuania or are not able to contact alive, we take orders online.


A wide range of fabrics, cornices and accessories will help to find the best solution for decorating your home or public rooms. The right combination of fabric color and texture not only provides comfort but also have a positive influence on emotions.


We implement the various orders: creatively decorate small windows,  also take projects as windows decoration in full house.

Let's create comfortable and aestetic interior together!